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Our Mission
Creating wealth through Commercial Real Estate. By creating a steady (yet lucrative) form of investment that will increase in years to come.
The Pillars of Trinity
Trinity is divided into three pillars.  These pillars allow us to procure long-term stable investments for our investors. 

Trinity core is our commercial investment wing, which revolves around researching, purchasing, and managing our core investments. 

The development wing is tasked with identifying, purchasing, and developing commercial property; as well as residential and rural land.


From start to finish, we facilitate a process of creation through manifestation. Once completed, we also handle leasing, maintaining or selling.

Commerical Development 

Trinity Capital, is the third pillar, this pillar is designed around outside Real Estate investments, i.e. angel investing, hedge funds, alternative investments.


We Strive for Monthly Distributions.

Our team of CPAs and CFPs ensure timely distributions and reduction of capital calls.


Property will sell, we distribute out, invest again!

Rinse & Repeat

Finding investments

It’s simple — our team finds the property and evaluate its potential for investment.

How is equity created?

Once we’ve found the desired property — equity is created through the following measures:

  •  Paying down the mortgage    over time

  • Rental income

  • Appreciation

The Management team

Our team manages everything — so you don’t have to. Just kick back and relax.

"The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate." 
-Andrew Carnegie
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